Going from Physical to Digital document management?

  • Easy to search documents
  • Find and remove duplicate documents
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Distributed across the organization
  • Optimized process time

Digital Content of Your Organization Never Stops Growing!

Recent advances in IT field and the exponential growth in customer base pushes the organizations to move away from the physical document management and towards digital document management structure.

This, although helps the organization in many different ways, forces a huge amount of infrastructure cost to the organization structure. Even starting with 1TB/year data storage and 10% annual increase, it's a major challenge to keep up with the exponential storage growth and the infrastructure requirement associated with it.

Not only the Storage infrastructure, but the bandwidth of network infrastructure for transferring the data, should also be rapidly updated. Additional Government Regulations, for example to store 5 years of previous data, makes the matter much worse.

What is Zipi and How can it help?

Zipi is an AI based compression toolkit developed from ground up to support document management in organizations. It can help you cut down storage as well as bandwidth cost of your documentations significantly.

In an average financial organization, around 80% of storage is comprised by images, 15% by documents such as pdf, xps, doc, xls, etc., and 5% by other documents. Zipi Can archive image files with up to 80% compression ratio, documents with up to 50% compression ratio, and other files with up to 10% compression ratio.

This is a significant improvement over the traditional document management systems. Zipi will help your organization to tackle the exponential growth of the digital content once and for all.

Need to learn more or integrate Zipi on your organization? Contact us through hello@ or visit our website at www.ziphio.com