Microsoft files act as core files for most of the enterprises. Since its inception, MS Office files have been an integral part of every enterprise. The Office files are used from preparing presentations to monthly reports to annual financial documents. The use of MS Office files universally has made it the most used document shared across multiple touchpoints. The advantage of working with Office files is the ease to accessibility & editing. Preparation of any file in MS office requires written as well as visual content. The size of a file depends on the quantity & quality of image or audio-video files. Majority of the times, images used in Office files are large, resulting in huge file sizes. As a file grows in size, it becomes heavier & more difficult to edit quickly. Another issue with large file sizes is the transmission or transferring of files over mail. Sometimes a PowerPoint Presentation files exceeds 40-50 MB in size, which makes it difficult to share over an email. The solution is compression of MS Office files. The main concern with compression has always been quality & security of the files. With Zip latest product ZipiOffice, enterprises can compress MS Office files up to 90% with lossless visual quality. The file quality is maintained throughout the process. The compression of file does not affect the format of the file in any way whatsoever. The entire process is secure & protected by ZipiOffice encryption. The file compression is processed at enterprise’s site before transferring. The process is very easy. The final MS Office file, up on completion, is processed with ZipiOffice tool. That’s it! And you get the compressed Office files with same quality & format. Preserving the original file quality throughout the compression is the objective of the tool. Enterprises can save up to 90% cost on storage as well as bandwidth. In a growing digital era, ZipiOffice can help Banking & Financial firms solve the issue of large files by leveraging the compression tool to provide cutting-edge solution to create leaner & smaller MS Office files.

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